Why you should with your Ecommerce Analytics?

Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce Analytics

Now and then, marketing space will always change along with new services, technologies and tricks
roaming around in the industry. Such evolution will really affect many online business owners. So for
them to survive, they have to make sound decision. With that, you will need is an ecommerce analytics.
For small to medium kind of online businesses, your resources is limited that only means that your burn
rate and time is really significant for your success. When you don’t know the right marketing activities
that will work, then you must be just wasting your money and time. Lack of information will cause to
miss out profit coming from channels, which are really working since, rather than making double down
on such channels, there’s a high tendency that it will be spread on unprofitable and profitable channels.
Through accessing the statistical information on all areas of the online marketing as well as sales
activities gives an edge over your competitors, which don’t have the access on such information.
Knowing latest trends and marketing channels, which are not profitable anymore could let you drive
your business prior on causing damage on your profit. Likewise, if you really understand the behaviour
of your customer, it will provide you better insights regarding with market demand. This information
will let your drop particular products or even create changes strategically concerning your pricing, which
leads to bigger change as well as limit the damage on your profit.
The Key to Higher Conversion
Once you have statistical information, it already serve as your stepping stone on establishing the
foundation of continuous experimentation for your site and even other areas of your online visibility.
Testing particular copy and the entire layout of your online site would be the next step logically for
profitable businesses, which like to raise their income.
Know and Understand Activities regarding with Funnels
Basically, when it comes on your ecommerce analytics, you should know the basic concept, which refers
to the funnel. Every marketing channel is visible on the funnel. Funnel analytics is all about your own
target audience, which will go on the different procedural flow or even funnel until they by your
products right on your website.
In every step, which is within the process, there is specific percentage number of individual who would
be eliminated from that funnel. But if you properly identify this percentage, it could aid you on
identifying the psychology and barrier behind your clients and customers.
Another marketing funnel classic you should know is the email campaign. According to reports, email
campaign leads on almost 1% conversion rate. But take note that percentage is not everything you
though. You could found also that there is a huge drop on “click this product link”, “open email” and so
on. With this, you know where you should focus well.
These are some of the basic ideas you should know when it comes on your ecommerce analytic. Make
sure that you have them at your fingertips so you can hit the top slot.

Things Most Retailers Don’t Know about Pricing Optimization

Through the years, the perception on using price already changed its focus into merchandiser lever.
Why? This is all because of the different factors, which includes volatility when it comes on the prices of
commodity as well as strained consumer purse resulting into larger economic problems.
On the other hand, price optimization let most retailer wok with tools which are more advanced.
Whether it is eliminating the numbers you usually encounter in Excel or just wanted to shift on in-house
solutions which could lead in more accurate and precise output guided by a systematic body, huge
amount of money is still left behind because of poor or lack of good system or method.
You profit may be at risk on 3 areas such as:
 Negligence on the customer service
You should know that your treatment with your most loyal client or customer is really
important. Always bear in your mind that you have to sell beyond the item you are actually
selling. However, if there’s more raise which are not your loyal customers, then most probably,
you need to face a problem. Through the help of the segmented demand models, retailers can
now have the ability on making better decisions depending on the driving value coming from
these loyal customers of yours. Also, a major error which leads on utilizing a simple result is
whenever your remove the customer segmentation, it will also definitely remove forecast
accuracy. Computing the demand parameters for the population of the aggregate shopper are
not going to give accurate results. The retailer should be employing different model on
various customer segment. After that, they could aggregate their own forecast so they could
create sound decision.
 Not Bothering about the Category Cross-effects
Most of the retailers out there, don’t know what display, promotion as well as other events
could do on the categories of their product. It is necessary that they know and understand item
interaction on similar category so the different promotion and pricing decisions are not created
 Real time optimization and long term strategic goal is missing in action
Through retailers already realize their long term strategic goals but most of the time the tools
they are using are not. Most of them still depends on spreadsheets. In connection with this,
they should know that business rules is really significant. However, if you are not that confident
with the constraints you are using right now, or effectively challenge them on the true
optimization context, then you must prepare your finances. Promotion optimization and real-
time price, which is a must on creating the best possible decision should be available for any
retailers out there. From competitive realities to price image, your capability to recomputed and
calculate the effect in just a matter of time which is in contrast on hours or even days , gives a
bigger edge in terms of agility and efficiency.
Though using the best possible type of pricing optimization software, almost 20% uplift on your
profit could be expected during the first 2-3 implementation years.
With it, one can conclude that a good pricing optimization could assist on delivering better
value on the right audience , reduce any doubts and increase your profits.

Dropship Product ideas: Picking the right Dropship Product

Picking the right dropship product so you can sell it via internet is a daunting task too particularly of you
were just setting up your business online.
Though you can just change every now and then, but it is much, better of you will save more money
and time on choosing the best one beforehand specifically if you are designing the whole site on certain
product theme. Here are some advices for you on how you can choose the right dropship products:
Small is enough as your Start up
Most of the time, people tends to choose jewelleries and Plasma screen TV as their start since they just
realized that they will earn more money here. Well, you should know that people would not just give
their credit card number for small purchases. Not unless you already prove them that, you are reliable
through your rating and reputation online. That is why it is much better if you will be quite conservative in choosing your products.
For you information, the best possible drop ship products are products which cost about $30 to $120.
They sell best online. You should always remind yourself that expensive items would not always let you earn big.
Don’t forget about shipping
Once you are engaged with online selling, you should always include on the list of your consideration
the way shipping inflates prices.
Shipping rate plus item cost must be equal on what an individual could buy from the old and traditional
local store out there. But of course, there are few exception on the rule. When the products is not
being sold or really rare, then chances are the demand is much greater.
Generally, there are dropshipping items such as swimming pools and stainless steel refrigerators which
will not give you a profitable future since its shipping cost is too expensive.
Pick a good niche
Always go for good niche and not just a mere general store. Though you can’t compete with the bigger
online sellers out there such as Wal-Mart or Target, but you can be a competitive seller if you opt to
pick specialized niche market.
Concentrating on a certain niche could let you create articles, blogs and even some tips which is
associated with these products and at the same time, could allow an improvement on your SEO, build
stronger bond between you and your customer and drive more traffic for your website. It is always best
if you will pick a dropship product, which is associated with a theme or hobby.
Look for your edge over competitors
Your website must be something unique. You can never beat bigger website if you are just like or
similar with them. You have to make your own “point of difference.” That must be something that will
makes you different from other businesses online. It could be your services or products. It must meet
the demands or needs of a specific market. Always keep that in mind.

How To Automate Your Dropship Business?

How To Automate Your Dropship Business

How To Automate Your Dropship Business

Drop shipping automation for your business will let you save huge amount of effort and time. And
guess what? It could be your key to achieve long-term success for your business.
Say goodbye now on pasting and cutting different spreadsheets of your customer information, product
details, contact numbers, email addresses and so on. You could be benefited greatly in automating
your drop shipping business. How to do that? Here’s how:
Keep your site in sync along with suppliers
When you are working with different suppliers for your drop shipping business, most likely, you don’t
have the actual products on your hand. That’s is why it is important that you ensure that you site are in
sync along with these suppliers. Few suppliers provide the spreadsheets of products but others opt to
offer information coming from their website. Here you are then obliged to go and check every website
of the supplier and then get the product information you are into, cut and paste those right on your site
and be able be updated with issues like discontinued products as well as pricing.
But with drop shipping automation, you will definitely eliminate this from your daily list of task and
save your time and effort. You should at least have an automated inventory management every day
coming from your chosen supplier.
Automate Credit card Charging and Even Paypal Collection
Your business keeps on running because of the payment you’ve accepted from your dear clients. So, if
you never consolidated or even automated your business, your tendency here when your customer
pays is to cut and paste data from the account provider of the merchant’s site and then try to charge
the card. In some instances, if you are accepting Paypal, you still need to sign in your account here and
collect their actual payment even though they already place their individual order.
This cause too much delay, which is too irrelevant and unnecessary. Aside from that, you need to
consume time and money along the process. Therefore, you have to be ensure an automated online
payment process. Likewise, you also have to be sure that your online system is linked with your PayPal
which will let you accumulate funds right away instead of following them up manually. Doing this right
will let you grow your orders and save more money and time. This will also enable you to manage
numerous number of orders on your products.
Automate your customer management
You can never deny that you are working so hard just to draw in the attention and interest of your
customers, right? So, it is really necessary to keep them on your list. Special offer emails and email list
is an excellent tool to retain and get clients and customers. And when you got an automated customer
management, your database could be automatically populated with every interested customer and
order. You could send ordinary emails on these interested customers with or without effort which
enable you to enjoy another drop shipping automation for your business.

Top Ecommerce Automation Tools 2016

E-commerce automation

infographics background E-commerce. Business concept. Set icons

In online business, one of the most significant components of it is the ability to create a simultaneous
flow of income effortlessly. And fortunately, there are lots of ecommerce automation tools today in
the internet which could make sales processes much more convenient and easier. Here are the top
ecommerce automation tools this 2015:

  • SellBrite.comThis simple cloud software allows anyone to list and at the same time sell his or her services andproducts on different channel all at once.
    With this platform, you could control as well as sync the inventory, handle and follow up order
    and have an access on its multichannel reporting intelligence which you can just study then to
    increase your sales.
  • Buffer.com
    If you are looking for the easiest way so you could share with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
    other social networking sites, then Buffer is the best choice. Here, you can simply schedule
    your updates so it could post at an interval times though you are not around. Its system let your
    decide the time for posting of your updates. This can be also an aid when you are building the
    queue of your content for you to share it with you followers and clients. You could also follow-
    up your post with the integrated analytics tool so you could monitor the best performing post.
  • MailChimp
    With MailChimp, it could help you target the right audience. It lets you send email automatically
    according on the preference and behaviour of your customers. Getting started on it will let you
    make use of Workflows or built-in segmentation as well as target option to establish custom
    Through IFTTT, allows you to link services as well as web tools with the so-called ‘recipes’.
    These recipes adheres the format ‘if this then that’ where “this” serves as the trigger and
    “that” serves as the action. The recipe for IFTTT let you automate many activities like posting of
    updates in your Facebook and many more.
  • Spark Shipping
    On the other hand, Spark Shipping is a type of drop shipping software, which is included on your
    existing online store so you could automate order fulfilment, give drop shipping automation as
    well as Amazon repricing. It also routes the order automatically into distributors, vendors,
    fulfilment centers and suppliers. When the order arrives in Spark Shipping will send the orders
    intelligently on the right place.
    These are the top Ecommerce automation tools you can use for the betterment for your
    business. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only available in the market. Look for the best
    Ecommerce automation tools which could fit perfectly on the needs of your business and help
    boost up your ROI. Make sure that its campaigns and features suits and will greatly provide you
    benefits. What are you waiting for? Find now the best Ecommerce automation tool for you to
    reduce your abandonment, boost up your repeat sales and let your product convert much
    better. You’ll surely love the result.

Common Mistakes in Drop Shipping Repricing by Amazon Sellers

Scatola aperta

Common Mistakes in Drop Shipping Repricing by Amazon Sellers

Of course, the main objective of seller is to earn more money whether they are just a beginner or
already a veteran online business owner. Each retailer do have a dilemma between sales volume as well
as profit and their willingness to chase even their last sale. But you should know that even those expert
sellers commit mistake. No, scratch that. I mean expensive mistakes for their business.
In fact, it even got on the point that they think that Buy Box basically relies into someone who have the
lowest possible price. But obviously, that is just a mere opinion. Through you always price a little bit
than your closest possible competitor, you still have no chance with Buy Box. The fact here is that, you
don’t have to claim with your lowest price for you to succeed.
Aside from that, the following are the common mistakes most of the time sellers do when they are drop
 Assuming that the cheapest price could get the interest of Buy Box
Believe or not, but it is absolutely true. Though prices serve as the key on getting the Buy Box,
but Amazon still go for your seller metrics. The performance of the seller is being measured
through order defect rate, which is the percentage of the order who got negative feedbacks,
late shipment rate and pre-fulfilment rate for cancel. These factors greatly affect the chance
for you to get Buy Box.
 Don’t factor properly the cost
For the past few years, there are lots of sellers who let themselves be trapped and race down
to bottom. It occurs once these sellers keep on reducing their prices little by little, until they
reach the point of below the profitable threshold. But sadly, they don’t realize about it.
So, for you to keep yourself from such mistakes, you should also include on your
consideration the indirect and direct cost. When you say direct cost, it refers on the cost of
shipping, goods, packaging and many more. On the other hand, indirect cost pertains on the
salaries of the employees, storage fees and any other miscellaneous fee. Well, it is alright I
you are unloading your stale inventory strategically but you should know the limitations
 Utilizing Stand-Alone Repricer
Amazon repricer’s integrity depends on the real time visibility that it have to the actual costs
which is needed in making formulas for pricing. It should know shipping or fulfilment cost , item
cost, overhead cost, sales channel commissions. These internal costs, as soon as they start
changing, will adjust automatically the prices right away or else, it can put the margin of the
But then, most of the sellers relies usually on stand –alone repricers. They are being called
stand-alone repricers since they are not being integrated completely with the other system of
the seller as well as areas of operation. With that, they don’t have the ability then to adjust
automatically their price every time the internal cost change.
These are some common mistakes you should keep yourself with drop shipping repricing. It is
better that you realize before it cause any complication.

Why Data Mining Tools needed by Small-medium Businesses?

Collect big data prices

Collect big data prices.

Business industry is growing rapidly because of the unstoppable and increasing demand of products and
services of different customers. Unlike before, it is now easier for businesses small, medium, or large to
become more popular though the help of modern technology. There are lots of strategies and
techniques to reach target and potential customers and one of which is the use of data mining tools.
These are known as knowledge discovery and a process assisted by computers of analyzing and digging
sets of needed data and extracting meaning within the data itself.
Data mining tools are responsible for predicting future trends and behaviors, which in turn allow small-
medium businesses to create knowledge-driven, proactive, and wise decisions. These can also answer
different business questions, which traditionally were time consuming and difficult to resolve. Good to
know that there are many companies that provide data mining tools solutions suited for small-medium
businesses. Below are some of the uses of these tools that benefit small-medium businesses the most.

1. Market basket analysis. Understand and become aware with the kind of products and services
that are commonly availed together by the public.

2. Detection of frauds. Identify the transactions that are more likely to become fraudulent.

3. Segmentation of the market. Know the common sets of characteristics of different customers
who usually purchase same products from your own company.

4. Customer churn. Predict the customers who likely to leave the company then go to the

5. Analysis of what the latest trend is. Considering that we are now living in a fast changing world,
using data mining tools would reveal what the differences are between the customers within
the last and this month.

6. Interactive marketing. Business owners now have the chance to predict the website that
individuals access the most.

7. Direct marketing. Identify what the prospects are that should be included within the mailing list
in order to obtain highest rate of response.

Data mining tools are indeed needed by most small-medium businesses. Even though some of the data
discussions are concerned with enterprises having all resources in hiring research firms and data
scientists, if you are an SMB owner who knows where to look, you can use different methods in order to
gather the needed data, analyze them, and then make sense on what you have gathered. This would
help your small-medium business become at par with other businesses in the industry and all you have
to do now is to find the right company responsible for providing strategy and techniques such as the use
of data mining tools for your business to succeed.